Terms & Conditions

This is a general agreement between you and Netpikes. These terms and conditions represent the way of using the services that we provide. Here, “You” refers to all customers who are availing the services and “We” refers to Netpikes.

The agreement of terms

In order to avail all the plans/services as mentioned on this website, we request you all to agree to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are a bridge of understanding between the user and the company. Furthermore, our services can be used for lawful purposes only. We will block the user access to the services if they are found being involved in any illegal activity.

Modification of terms

Netpikes has reserved the right to modify and update the website contents and terms of use anytime in the future. Therefore, we request all the users to go through the terms and conditions before availing the services.

We strictly prohibit…

  • Disclosing private sensitive information of any individuals
  • Spreading malicious threats
  • Involvement in any unlawful activities
  • Engaged in money laundering and any sorts of gambling

Individual’s account eligibility

To register and avail the services, you need to accept these terms:

  • You must be eighteen years old
  • You should agree with the terms to use of the services
  • You must not involve in any unlawful activities
  • It is your responsibility to provide the correct details
  • You are responsible if any unlawful activities are taking place from your account

Billing and Payment

Netpikes ensures all the invoice will be strictly paid on time with clear details about payment. From your end, you need to make sure that the invoices have correct information details. In case you find any incorrect details, please contact the experts instantly

Termination of services

Your services stand liable to be terminated in the following scenarios:

  • Failing to pay the required bill
  • Terms of agreement is violated
  • When your activities harm the company terms

Contact Us

Please go through these legal sections thoroughly before you start using our services. In case of any queries and issues, feel free to contact the experts via phone or email. They will get back to you and resolve your queries in no time.

Email: info@netpikes.com.com