Century Link

Providing support for Century link, Netpikes provides thousands of channels in different categories with a basic subscription plan. We at Netpikes ensure that you wont miss out on your favorite channels as we have a range of options to showcase you. You will be able to search the channels by category or simply jump to your favorite TV shows. For your convenience, we have listed various plans below.

Century Link Prism Essential TV

Enjoy watching prism TV at the price you want.

  • 165+ channels
  • Including HD channels
  • Set-top box
  • Whole-Home DVR

Prism Complete TV

Have an uninterrupted and great viewing experience with the features we offer under this plan.

  • Set-top box
  • 215+ Channels
  • Whole-Home DVR
  • HD channels

Prism Preferred TV

Prism Preferred TV is undoubtedly the next generation TV that is bundled with a lot of exciting features.

  • 320+ channels
  • Including premium and HD channels
  • Whole-Home DVR
  • Set-top boxes

Prism Premium

Watch what you wish with Prism premium TV at the best plan

  • 350+ Channels
  • Premium channels
  • HD channels
  • Set-Top box
  • Whole-Home DVR