At just an affordable cost, you can have a great experience with high-speed internet with unlimited data, a reliable phone line connection packed with all new set of features, and unlimited nationwide calling facility. Furthermore, we at Netpikes enhance your entertainment experience with 350+ channels and more than 3000 HD channels on-demand. Have a look at our offerings.


AT&T U-Verse offers a high-definition TV service which is much better than the traditional satellite and cable TV. Netpikes at AT&T U-Verse offers a number of plans all at a pocket-friendly price thereby helping you save more. Have a look at AT&T U-Verse services that we offer

  • Access to U-Verse TV channels
  • Programming apps
  • Installation services & order status
  • Troubleshooting & repair services
  • Device setup


Poor connection and slow speed are the most common issues for the internet users. But if you think that it can’t be improved, you need to rethink. Netpikes offers a variety of ultra-high speed internet plans all at an affordable cost. Your experience will improve and the issues such as slow speed and poor internet connection will be eliminated completely once you start using the services. AT&T internet services we provide are listed below.

  • AT&T Mail
  • AT&T Wireless Gateway
  • AT&T Internet Security Suite