ADT is the preferred choice for Home Security

An efficient security system is what keeps us calm when we are away from home. Netpikes at ADT pretty much gives you the guarantee towards safeguarding your home from the intruders and suspicious people. We at Netpikes provide exciting offers for a complete home security system that bring you comfort and assure you that all your family members are safe. We offer a wide range of home security products that will make it convenient for you to choose the products as per your requirement. Furthermore, we have brought complete solutions for home security applications such as an alarm system and home automation that keep an eye 24/7 to ensure the safety of your home. Have a look at the various offerings.

Complete Home Security System

Your home is your place of relaxation hence you would not like to compromise with its security. We at Netpikes provide an improved security system with high-quality security products and solutions. We provide assistance related to motion detectors, glass break sensors, door & window sensors, key fob with a panic button and so on. Stay connected with us and experience an enhanced security system.

Home Automation

Make your life easy and comfortable with the home automation system that allows you to have a perfect control over any electronic device anytime and anywhere. Netpikes helps you to keep the automation system stay high on performance. We at Netpikes provide solutions for smart door locks, smart light, smart thermostat, garage doors, smart switches, plugs, and video doorbell camera. The professionals also assist you in configuring the security system via a smartphone and optimize the device performance.

Fire, Home & Life Safety

Emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. Keeping in mind the saying “Prevention is better than cure” , we need to work out the best technology solution to prevent the dire consequence instead. To keep your place a step safer from fire hazards or any such incidents, Netpikes has a gamut of emergency response solutions. We at Netpikes provide various safety products such as smoke detector, panic button, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors along with instant help for any sorts of flaws with these products.

Home Security Cameras

Keep a close watch on your home with 24*7 working security cameras and prevent any theft and trespassing incidents. Netpikes offers the best wireless or wired security cameras for both indoor and outdoor security. Along with this, the team of professionals assists you with 24*7 services to provide an enhanced monitoring system. Call us and ensure your home safety always.