At Netpikes, we provide a range of services that cater to platforms such as internet, television and home phone. Facilitate your needs by having reliable solutions in place.


INTERNETNetpikes aims to deliver a fantastic support for internet connectivity and high-speed internet packages. Apart from this, we provide the services to enhance the functionality and capability of a dependable Wi-Fi connection. The connection is secured with an antivirus application, thus allowing you to streamline your businesses. Our solutions have proven to be a significant cost and time saver whilst improving internet connectivity and helping you in achieving your business objectives easily. So, don’t be hesitant while contacting us as we ensure you to provide the best suite of internet services that will enhance your experience.


TELEVISIONTelevisions are a key to removing stress. All we need to do is to plug into our favorite channel and enjoy watching it. Unfortunately, there are times when we face issues and not able to enjoy our favorite shows. You feel embarrassed when you miss out on your favorite channels or get interrupted while watching it. With Netpikes, we have worked on facilitating your entertainment. Get access to all the channels you like in a single call. Get rid of all the interruptions with our platform. The dedicated team of experts is ever present to serve you in a better way.


PHONEEverything is becoming technologically advanced these days, so is your cell phone. Do away with your old telephone and have an enhanced experience with a mobile handset bundled with all new set of features. Here at Netpikes, we offer a constant and trustworthy phone line connection. Furthermore, to ensure flawless communication, we assist you through a wide range of services. So, get ready to experience most amazing features such as unlimited calling worldwide, caller id recognition, voice mail, user privacy/security, call forwarding, automatic hold, and so on.

About Netpikes

Netpikes is a reliable service provider established with the aim of offering the services and plans for all new internet services, TVs, and mobile phones. It is fast becoming popular across the globe owing to its best plans/services offered at comparatively lower prices than the market trends. At Netpikes, we offer a blend of services that include various entertainment plans and technical support services. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of experts who provide a complete solution for your all problems and will guide you through the entire process. They help you to increase your workflow and meet specific requirements within the stipulated time. At Netpikes, we primarily focus on offering efficient and uninterrupted services in a very transparent manner. We offer the services 24/7, so you can contact us anytime and anywhere you want. We are passionate towards providing you the best plans that are relatively new in the market and help the customers. These services are high on quality and a experience like never before. To get more information about the various offerings, go through the page on the website.

Get To Know the Benefits at Netpikes

A Range of Pocket-Friendly Plans

Whether it is an internet plan, television channels or phone line connection, we have a lot to offer. We have made it easier for you to select your favorite plans at pocket-friendly prices.

24/7 Customer Support

There are times when you come across various issues and not able to figure out the required solution. All you need to do is give us a call and our experts will fix the issues in no time.

Professional Expertise

Netpikes consists of a pool of experts who are proficient and have a considerable amount of experience in their relevant field. They are quick to fix any kind of issue that you encounter.

Affordable Costs

Customers want to have the best solution that too at an affordable cost. Netpikes offers you the best services whose prices are comparatively lower than the market trends.

Fast and Reliable Services

Everyone makes use of phone, internet and TV services these days. Also, they want to have fast and reliable technical support services for these type of services.

User-Friendly Services

Being high on productivity and easy to understand, our services fulfill the needs of every customer. At Netpikes, our services are user-friendly and meets all the user requirements.

Netpikes Ensures Improved Security

Security problems are the major concern in businesses these days. Taking it into consideration, Netpikes offers a completely secured access to various applications with enhanced protection features and administrator tools. Thus, browse safer and faster, have an improved digital experience without having to worry about malware and virus attacks.

What Makes Us Your Trusted Choice?

Our satisfaction lies in your contentment. The great range of offerings and support services are all available at pocket-friendly prices. To know more, have a glance at some of the factors that make us paramount in this field.

Best Price

The services and the plans we have on offer are completely affordable and the cost being comparatively lower than the market trends. You can save a lot and achieve a lot with the enhanced level of services we help you with.

Quick Installation

We work towards ensuring better and quick services. By availing our services, all the issues will be addressed in no time. We carry out the installation process swiftly thereby ensuring your work does not get hampered.

Digital Suite

We have a number of digital offerings that give you an end to end solution in various domains such as the internet, TVs, and mobile phones. Furthermore, our technical support team is ready to resolve all the technical issues instantly in just a call.

Easy Access

We provide a simple way to reach our service provider available in your location. Choose your favorite plan and call us on toll-free number visible on the website. We will process it in no time.